NÜMOO's Espresso Pistachio Latte Boasts Only Eight Simple Ingredients

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: numoofoods
Juisi is now expanding its cold-pressed juice line with NÜMOO, a collection of flavored dairy-free milks and nut lattes.

Other than the two ingredients listed in its name, the Espresso Pistachio Latte's only other additions are water, as well as sweeteners like dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon, plus lemon and sea salt, which add complexity. As well as being energizing and flavorful, the drink is loaded with beneficial E and B vitamins that pack a nutritional punch.

Within this organic, vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free drink, there are no gums, extracts or stabilizers, which many other nut milks use to increase shelf life. As milk alternatives become more popular, consumers are looking for the healthiest choices possible that are made without unnecessary ingredients. In response to these demands, there are now nut milk delivery services and DIY kits that help consumers to ensure they are getting the purest product possible.