The South Korean Cafe Chain Nunsongyee Offers Dynamic Bingsus

 - Oct 16, 2017
The popular chain cafe Nunsongyee in South Korea offers a range of Bingsu desserts – made from family owned recipes and dynamic in flavor.

The popular dish has some basic essential ingredients, including shaved ice and red beans, accompanied by ground nut powder. Nunsongyee takes this base and adds its own ingredients to it, offering bingsu dishes topped with bananas, strawberries, various nuts, and more. The dishes are able to combine the best of classic cuisine, visually appealing aesthetics, and diversity of ingredients to offer a dessert that anyone with a refined palate is sure to enjoy.

Nunsongyee's various Bingsu dishes offer the authentic flavors of family owned recipes, while offering contemporary dish designs that will appeal to children and adults alike.