The Not Company Prepares to Launch its Creamy Dairy-Free NOTYOGURT

 - Sep 6, 2018
References: thenotcompany
The Not Company focuses on creating products that encourage health-conscious consumption whilst paying attention to what's good for the planet -- its upcoming product is entitled 'NOTYOGURT.' Following its NOTMILK and NOTCHEESE products, the NOTYOGURT is a Greek creamy yogurt that is free of any dairy products. What makes the label so special is its fusion of food and technology as every product is made using artificial intelligence. An AI program gathers scientific research to create great-tasting, healthy alternatives using plant-based ingredients.

The AI's name is Giuseppe and it is a software that is developed to understand food at its structural level. The Not Company hopes its unique brand strategy will encourage progress and change the way that humans eat and hopes to do so by formulating products that are rich in nutrients, accessible, and sustainable.