Artist Nikos Gyfaktis Dizzying Paints His Face in Motion-Filled Positions

 - May 31, 2013
References: devidsketchbook & visualnews
Artist Nikos Gyfaktis doesn't paint the standard self-portrait. Instead, he delves into a surreal world filled with dizzying swirls, squished expressions and dark looks that convey as much of a sense of motion as it does emotion.

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Nikos Gyfaktis actively contorts his face with his fingers to achieve some of the hilarious expressions. By adding the circles and curved lines, he conveys his own "perception of the visual reality." He further explains, "With the line being the main medium, the curves replace the corners and the continuity comes in place of the discontinuity. The are no contour lines and the figures, the light, and the color, all flow in space and in the surroundings."