This Nelson Balaban 'XTC' Painting Will Have Your Brain Melting

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: nelsonbalaban & dopeart.tumblr
Take a long, hard look at this Nelson Balaban 'XTC' painting because a quick glance doesn't do it justice and may have you thinking it's just a simple illustration of an ice cream cone; it's so much more.

Though the final composition does coalesce to form the aforementioned frozen treat, the Nelson Balaban 'XTC' painting is in actuality a combination of a brain, some unnamed pills, a swarm of pesky ants and a Louis Vuitton-print ice cream cone.

Using simple logic, viewers can deduce that the pills in the brain-shaped substance is in fact ecstasy. What is the piece trying to say about the drug? Maybe someone more familiar with the narcotic can clarify the illustration for me.

Nelson Balaban is a renowned Brazilian Art Director, Illustrator and Designer.