The White by Lolë Line is Elegant and High-Performance

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: whitebylole & whitebylole
'White by Lolë' is a range of natural yoga wear that is high-performance, yet fashionable enough to be taken on the streets without just looking like athletic wear from the gym.

The gorgeous collection is made up of natural materials like cashmere, silk and lace, which gives the garments femininity, as well as a natural ease and breathability. Items from the White by Lolë collection include basics for every yoga class, from bras to leggings, jackets and tote bags. Mixing and matching is effortless, since the garments and accessories are all fairly neutral in their coloring.

All of the proceeds from the collection will go towards hosting free yoga classes at community centers during the Lolë White Tour 2014 in locations like Toronto and Montreal.