'PLAISIR des SENS' Natural Lubricant is Warmed to the Ideal Temperature

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
Looking to provide the most pleasurable experience possible, the 'PLAISIR des SENS' natural lubricant is designed to be dispensed from the included device when desired.

Meaning "pleasure of the senses," 'PLAISIR des SENS' helps to upscale a traditionally ordinary product by making it more akin to the needs of couples. The lubricant is stored within a sleek dispenser that keeps the lubricant at the optimal temperature for usage to help enhance the overall experience. The device is touch-enabled to reduce the instance of fumbling with a traditional bottle and has a discreet look to be kept on the nightstand at all times.

The 'PLAISIR des SENS' natural lubricant has an exotic flavor and scent, and is completely safe to consume. Moreover, it's aimed at being hypoallergenic to not irritate those with sensitive skin.