The NASA Graphics Standards Manual Boasts Various Branding Examples

 - Jun 16, 2017
References: bestmadeco
Available on Best Made Company's web shop, the NASA Graphics Standards Manual is the ideal gift for graphic design buffs. Wrapped in a metallic silver cover, the design anthology consists of 229 aesthetically striking pages -- each spotlighting a different variation of the space agency's logo, and visuals. Focusing on "Richard Danne’s 1974 re-branding of the agency, the book even features scans of 35mm slides presented to NASA, normally shielded from those without clearance."

From the branding of the agency's famed uniforms to its vehicles and press materials, the NASA Graphics Standards Manual covers all the bases, and breaks down the graphic design inspiration behind each example it showcases.

Those fascinated with color combinations and typography are sure to appreciate the detailed book which doubles as an inspiring coffee table book or collectible gift.