Mylène's Airless Dispensers Protect the Natural Ingredient Formulas

Some of the products in the Detox range from Belgian cosmetics company Mylène include a facial scrub and micellar water, as well as other uniquely packaged solutions that help to optimize the ingredient formulas.

Mylène's Detox Facial Cream and Detox Night Serum are packaged in airless, twist-up containers with a hidden dispensing head that helps to protect the potency of the natural ingredients in the product and allow customers to easily control the amount of product that they wish to dispense.

While the antioxidant-rich Detox Face Cream from Mylène helps to shield the skin from the environmental stressors such as pollution, the Detox Nutri Serum boasts a vitamin and carotene complex that is useful for intensively nourishing the skin barrier and protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun.