The Microsoft Research Team Created 'MRTouch' for the HoloLens

 - Apr 27, 2018
References: robertxiao & digitaltrends
To enhance the kinds of interactions that can be made with the mixed-reality HoloLens system, a team of researchers at Microsoft Research successfully developed the 'MRTouch' as a virtual touchscreen.

The MRTouch boasts the ability to perform on an unmodified Microsoft HoloLens headset, adding to its already impressive abilities to allow for inputs with a gesture, voice or by controller. With the MRTouch virtual touchscreen, a person who is wearing the headset now has another way to interact using their fingers and simple gestures like swiping.

The virtual touchscreen can be called onto a number of surfaces, including walls and tabletops, creating tons of new ways for content to be intuitively interacted with in a way that might remind one of using a mobile tablet screen.