The Mr. Clean Super Bowl Ad Turns the Spokesman into a Sexy Figure

 - Mar 20, 2017
References: usatoday
In honesty, there was always something illicitly titillating about Mr. Clean, the fictional spokesperson for the eponymous cleaning brand, and the new Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad takes that appeal to its natural conclusion. In a shift from the friendly, essentially asexual character that Mr. Clean has been in earlier iterations, this version is a lot more hunky, with a sex appeal made explicit in the ad.

The Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad opens on a woman absentmindedly doing the dishes in her kitchen. Suddenly, generically sultry R & B music chimes in, and the woman looks up to see the sexy Mr. Clean strutting towards her, pail of cleaning products in hand. Shots follow of Mr. Clean suggestively dancing while he cleans, with the woman following along, captivated by lust. As the commercial seems to climax, Mr. Clean transforms into a normal-looking man, and the audience discovers that the macho mister was actually the woman daydreaming about her husband cleaning. As she surprises him by pouncing on him in an embrace, the ad reads "You gotta love a man who cleans."