The Motus Capsule Collection Uses Patterns and Colors in Unique Ways

 - Feb 14, 2018
References: thearsenale
Atypical and TheArsenale joined forces to release the 'Motus Capsule Collection.' This unique collection features a bold set of skateboards that aim to blend the world of automotive and mobility in an expressive and unique way. The skateboards features in the Motus Capsule Collection take inspiration from designs of vintage cars with geometric patterns. Each board is beautifully hand-painted with designs featured prominently on the tops of the boards.

The Motus Capsule Collection currently features four designs with unique colorways: Forest, Midnight, Petroleum and Pure Black. The names are related to the colors used to create the background on the boards. The first three colorways -- Forest, Midnight and Petroleum -- feature similar geometric patterns outlined by a white line and with opposing shades. The final colorway -- Pure Black -- stands out from the other designs as it is made of two different black paints. This final design also features white lines that meet to form an "A" that represents the identity of both brands.