The eWheels Transforms Push Carts into Motorized Golf Carts

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: kickstarter
eWheels transforms push vehicles into motorized golf carts, acting as a compromise between the convenience and price point of a push cart, with the weight-bearing abilities of a caddie. Push carts provide golfers with the freedom to move heavy objects without any weight on their shoulders -- it's second best to having a gold caddie, which can be an expensive commitment.

This eWheels device turns any pushcart into a remote controlled motorized vehicle. With a quick and easy to use latching system, users can mount their cart, hassle free. Once mounted, the device can power carts with a lithium battery, allowing golfers to roam all 27 holes on a single charge.

This product would also prove useful to laborers, as it can move heavy objects like rocks or dirt while eliminating the possibility for bodily injury.