Chuao Chocolatier's 'Organic Moon Bark' Boasts Healthy Add-Ins

'Organic Moon Bark' is the newest creation from Chuao Chocolatier that was unveiled at the Winter Fancy Food Show as an all-new "superfood treat."

The circular chocolate is made with 72% fair trade certified dark chocolate, plus decadent and healthy inclusions like chia seeds, puffed quinoa and golden berries. The Organic Moon Bark from Chuao Chocolatier is being introduced to consumers in a trio of cosmically inspired flavors: Chia Berry Dreamer, Coconut Almond Radiance and Quinoa Berry Skies.

As much as milk chocolate is favored by consumers for its light and sweet taste, bitter dark chocolate is packed with health benefits. With other superfood toppings, these dark chocolate discs appeal to the health-conscious consumer who is looking to mindfully indulge.