The MOBIUS Art Installation Required Interaction & Animation

 - Aug 12, 2011
References: eness & core77
The MOBIUS art installation takes interactive sculptures to a whole new level. Although it probably didn't seem as jaw-dropping a project to passersby at first, it came together to create one stunning short in the end. Essentially, it revolves around a set of 21 large triangles, which over a course of two days were arranged and rearranged by pedestrians who passed it.

Commissioned by Federation Square and created by Melbourne-based art & design practice ENESS, the MOBIUS art installation eventually became a stop-motion short. Through the interactiveness of participating passersby, the MOBIUS art installation came alive as an undulating, spiraling prism. The animation made these geometric forms appear as though they were sinking into the ground only to rise again right after. Of course, it is all just an optical illusion.