Peppersmith Mint Chewing Gum Packaging Prevents Unnecessary Waste

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: peppersmith & bandb-studio
Many consumers opt for chewing gum as a way to freshen breathe and encourage healthy digestion, but Peppersmith Mint Chewing Gum packaging takes a different approach to branding. Letting the package speak for itself, Peppersmith Mint Chewing Gum incorporates sheets for used gum to be crumpled into while on the go to prevent chewers from sticking it under chairs or throwing it on the ground.

Using mint leaves fashioned into a mustache as a branding image, Peppersmith Mint Chewing Gum packaging is focused on clean lines, simplicity and portability. While other brands focus only on getting the product to the consumer, Peppersmith takes a more upstream approach by supporting the product from the beginning to the end.