The Sapore Dei Mobili 'Mini Furniture Waffle Mold' is Cute Bite-Sized Fun

Time to deviate away from regular waffle-makers and turn to the Sapore Dei Mobili 'Mini Furniture Waffle Mold.'

Designed by Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira this pan looks extremely modern and manages to mold waffles into tiny little furniture pieces that can then be decorated with one's favorite waffle toppings. They will serve as delectable treats that do not only have to be served for breakfast. Being such small tongue-trinkets, these are perfect for short eats for an afternoon tea or light late night snack. The pan creates the most mouth-watering, cute-looking pieces of furniture from chairs to lamps and once decorated they could rival cupcakes for my favorite treat. Children will love these little waffle pieces as they can be toyed with (to the dismay of parents of course) with their Barbies and Kens before being devoured.