Mike Immerman Today’s Pigeon Explores Fowl Minds

 - Sep 28, 2012
References: animalnewyork & lostateminor
These bird-brained thoughts are brought to you by Mike Immerman Today’s Pigeon photography in collaboration with Allison Bagg. The photos feature average city scenes such as street corners and sidewalks with pigeons displayed as the prominent subject of each image. What makes these pictures better than average photos of the city-dwelling birds are the thoughts of each bird printed on top of the images.

The words seem to be scrawled on by hand and expose the inner-workings of the average city pigeon’s mind. Such deep thoughts as "Wait! What was I doing again?" and "Am I a pigeon?" demonstrate that these birds are just like people.

The Mike Immerman Today’s Pigeon photography bring us that much closer to our animal friends.