The Messiah Complex 5.0 Explores Concepts of Religious Evolution

 - Jan 17, 2015
References: thisisprogress
The Messiah Complex 5.0 is a performance being presented during the Progress Festival in Toronto, Canada. It blends science and religion in a unique study of relationships. The Messiah Complex 5.0 specifically draws on American Psychologist Harry Harlow's work with primates and his experiments with artificial mothers and infant attachment.

Divided into two parts, the Messiah Complex 5.0 first uses "Harlow’s ‘Cloth Mother’ as a metaphor to explain the religious motivation for visual and tactile iconographies" and then moves on to "the mythological matrix of the messianic, involving themes of conception, birth, orphan upbringing, spiritual trials and tests all aligned with the trajectory of Harlow’s primate test subjects," as is written on the Progress Festival website. It outlines an interesting comparison that will intrigue many viewers.