The 'Meatball Eggplant' is a Meatier Version of the Classic Eggplant

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: vegnews
A new hybrid breed of eggplant that's been dubbed the 'Meatball Eggplant' introduces a "meatier" version of the classic vegetable.

What makes this new hybrid particularly enticing to consumers is its high water content, which means that less oil is absorbed when it is cooked or fried, resulting in a meat alternative that's extremely flavorful and textured. The introduction of the Meatball Eggplant comes at a time when consumers are looking for more plant-based protein sources and satisfying meat substitutes. So far, sales have shown that the Meatball Eggplant and its "vine-ripened meat" from" is outperforming other vegetables like peppers and tomatoes.

Other intriguing fruit and vegetable creations include cotton candy-flavored grapes, strawberries that naturally have the sweet taste like bubblegum and hybrids like the 'Brusselkale.'