The New McTasters Sandwiches are Inspired by Global Cuisine

 - Sep 1, 2016
References: facebook & chewboom
Continuing its effort to help customers enjoy a "taste of the world for less," McDonald's Canada is offering two new McTasters Sandwiches. Earlier this year the brand offered Greek and Italian varieties, but now it is venturing beyond Europe to offer a taste of different types of international cuisine.

The new McTasters Sandwiches include the Mexican Chipotle and the Thai Sweet Chili. The former features a mini chicken or beef patty topped with a Chipotle Aioli sauce, Jalapeño Monterey Jack cheese, shredded lettuce and crunchy tortilla strips. The latter features the same choice between a chicken or beef patty, a tangy Thai sauce, fresh cucumber slices and a variety of crisp Asian vegetables. Both sandwiches are served on a Sesame Paprika Bun for an extra burst of flavor.