Mcdonald's is McFancy With Hermes Fries

 - Dec 24, 2009
Imagine walking up to the counter at McDonald’s and ordering a Burberry burger with either Gucci or Hermes fries and a Paul Smith sundae for dessert! Wake up, you’re not in Kansas anymore! You have just entered the world of McFancy -- a restaurant dining room experience coming during Fashion Week 2010 to a big city near you.

The Cool Hunter has enlisted Access Agency to implement the McFancy concept, which TCH describes "an upmarket temporary McDonald’s store that launches at Fashion Weeks around the globe such as London, New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney and Hong Kong."

In the business of fashion, the minute you put a designer label on a piece of cloth, the price goes up. I wonder in the restaurant business how much a Burberry-wrapped piece of meat will cost.