The New McDonald's Mascot is a Happy Meal Box with a Toothy Smile

 - May 20, 2014
References: nbcnews & designtaxi
A slightly terrifying Happy Meal box is about to become a new McDonald's mascot. Called 'Happy,' the new brand representative aims to appeal to a child audience and will encourage "improved nutrition" choices. The animated Happy Meal packaging consists of the standard red box and yellow arch handles, plus cartoonish arms and legs, large round eyes and a toothy smile.

While the new McDonald's mascot is well intentioned, it might be more frightening than inviting. In response to the mascot's unveiling, many have taken to Twitter to express their concern Happy will elicit emotions that are anything but. Compared to past McDonald's mascots like the Hamburgler and Grimace, Happy is more simplistic. However, its teeth may result in it being less popular than old favorites.