Matt Fry Captures the Softer Side of Nonconformity

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: frybros & photodonuts
Photographer Matt Fry shoots genuine and heartfelt portraits that capture moments as they really are and evoke raw emotion. Stripping his subjects down to places untouchable to the naked eye, he reaches into them and uses their bodies and hearts to connect to viewers. The honesty behind his photos is rare and beautiful in this confusing world, and he should be celebrated for his no-fluff approach to his art.

Hailing from Cailifornia, Fry shoots exclusively in film, and jokes about his inability to afford digital. But not for long -- if the talented photog keeps up with these truly touching portraits, he will be able to afford every camera on the market. His unique photographic style is complemented by his philosophy on the world around him, as he prides himself on seeing things as they really are.

Implications - Portrait photography is most attractive to audiences when the artist builds a connection to them through the eyes of their subjects. The raw and honest nature of these photos makes them easy to identify with on an emotional level, and provides both an outlet and escape from the confines of everyday life.