The Smash Brovaz Craft a Smooth Song Professing Their Love of the Herb

 - Dec 10, 2012
References: smashbrovaz.bandcamp
Usually the terms motivational and marijuana music don’t fit together, but in the case of Toronto upstarts Smash Brovaz it works perfectly.

The latest song by Smash Brovaz is called 'Paper Planes,' which is a euphemism for marijuana joints. They are called paper planes because the weed is wrapped in rolling paper and once smoked, you get high like a plane.

There’s been plenty of odes to weed throughout the course of hip hop history, but this one differs because the lyrics actually speak of inspiration and motivation in each MC's life. Weed songs normally chronicle excessive smoking habits and describe feelings of mellowness and laziness.

In Smash Brovaz’ version of marijuana music Crooklyn raps "I told myself that I would never ever lose, never ever stop."

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