The Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Ice Cream Comes in Several Formats

 - Mar 19, 2019
References: talkingretail
The Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies ice cream variant has been unveiled by the brand in the UK as a way to help it capitalize the increasing popularity of white chocolate as an ice cream ingredient. Crafted with a premium mix of white chocolate and cookies, the ice cream is positioned as a balanced dessert option for those craving a smooth, crunchy option. The ice cream will come in four different variations including 440ml tubs, boxes of three bars, boxes of six snack-sized bars and individual bars for purchase from convenience stores.

Magnum spoke on the new Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies ice cream claim that it's contains, "the perfect balance of cracking white chocolate and velvety ice cream, with cookie crumb pieces and a chocolate cookie sauce swirl."