The Macy's Pride + Joy Campaign Celebrates National LGBTQ Month

 - Jul 20, 2015
The Macy's Pride + Joy campaign encourages equality and was launched in celebration of National LGBTQ Month. The retail giant's June 2015 campaign not only celebrated national pride but was also presented in time for the American senate's recent passing of a gay marriage bill that allows equal marriage rights for all.

Sharing the values of America's LGBTQ community, the Macy's Pride + Joy campaign was not only an inclusive initiative put forth by the popular retailer but also connected consumers to a web platform that featured access to exclusive Pride events, parties and empowering lectures.

Teaming up with LGBTQ influencers, Macy's also supported charitable organizations with their powerful campaign, including the Trevor Project -- a charity that helps save young lives by empowering teens who are dealing with adversity because of their sexuality.