Louie Reynoso Imagines What the Bones of Beasts Would Look Like

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: flickr & heyoscarwilde.tumblr
Though these renderings look as though they’re based on tangible creatures, they’re actually the imaginary creations of Louie Reynoso, who has drawn the skeletal anatomy of monstrous beings. What’s truly stunning about Reynoso’s work is that he has illustrated each diagram with precision and authenticity akin to something you would find in medical reference books. It makes his creations entirely believable even though logic would dictate that these scary things don’t exist.

A few notable and quirky parts Louie Reynoso has integrated onto his bestial creations include pincers from crabs, tails sewn onto human beings, scalloped horns and human rib cages as shoulder bones. These monsters look bizarre enough as skeletons, but the thought of seeing them fully rendered with flesh and fur no doubt lingers on the minds of viewers.