This Logo Infographic Proves 'Apple's' Apple Wasn't Always So Sleek

The 'Graphic Design Degree Hub' has chronicled the evolution of world famous logos into this logo infographic. The 'Evolution of Logos' is quite self-explanatory, but still provides useful branding dissection. Branding and brand imaging is so important in today's marketing world; a single image can make or break a company.

This graphic shows big industry players' logos and how they have evolved. Pepsi's logo has continuously evolved since its debut in 1898; it went from a red-printed font to a bottle cap and to the patriot sphere we know it as today. Logos also seem to adapt to cultural shifts. Apple once related its logo to Sir Isaac Newton in a very artistic way; now, it is a sleek, simple and modern black apple.

This infographic also includes a section called "Did You Mean To Do That?" that highlights very funny, yet unfortunate mistakes that people have made when designing their logos. Spacing means everything when it comes to the "Kid Sex Change" logo -- I mean, 'Kids Exchange.'