Liv Buranday’s Ground Coffee Illustrations Were Inspired by Her

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: instagram & mymodernmet
Artist Liv Buranday created this series of ground coffee illustrations after becoming inspired by her father’s serious love of caffeine. These intriguing artworks depict cartoon characters, animals, and mythical creatures (among other things), all of which have been made using ground coffee.

Coffee lovers can imagine how difficult it must be to create intricate illustrations out of coffee grounds, but when they consider that Buranday did it using only her hands and a toothpick the end result becomes even more impressive.

One of these minimalist coffee artworks depicts Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Another appears to resemble Tinkerbell. Some of these pieces are more complex and surreal than others. Some incorporate leaves and twigs, while others are a blend of hand drawn illustrations and coffee. Buranday’s series proves that coffee is good for more than one thing.