Little Baby's Ice Cream Makes Unexpected Frozen Dessert Flavors

Cucumber Dill, Balsamic Banana, Everything Bagel and Pizza are some of the highly unusual frozen dessert flavors produced by Little Baby's Ice Cream, a brand that specializes in unusual flavor combinations.

The hand-made, small-batch ice cream products are offered in both dairy and non-dairy options to cater to all consumers, regardless of dietary restrictions or choices. Amidst off-the-wall ice cream flavors like Ranch, Absinthe Poppy and Jerk, perhaps one of the most surprising flavors from Little Baby's Ice Cream is one that's simply called 'Plain.'

While there have been many novelty ice cream flavors to come out of the foodie movement, Little Baby's Ice Cream has taken the concept to the extreme with crossover flavors that include a wide assortment of savory, salty, spicy and sweet options.