"Listen!Wonderground" is a Custom Radio Station for Subway Commuters

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: tokyo-wonderground.jp & trendpool
Listen!Wonderground is the result of a collaboration between Tokyo Metro and Tokyo FM, the largest train operator and radio station, respectively. So what exactly is "Listen?" It's a smartphone application that uses underground Wi-Fi cables to deliver new content to daily subway commuters.

The Tokyo subway, unlike most major metropolitan train systems, is owned and maintained by several large corporations, as opposed to the local municipality. Tokyo Metro accounts for over 6.2 million daily passengers across its nine subway lines. In an attempt to liven things up in the city's bland, often overcrowded train cars, Listen!Wonderground was launched.

The "smartphone station" provides over 30 minutes of daily, area-specific content. Passengers can enjoy interviews with neighborhood icons and news reports about local developments on their way to work!