The VOSS Lime Mint Sparkling Water is Flavorful and Calorie-Free

 - May 26, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The market for sparkling waters is increasing steadily as consumers aim to eliminate sugar or sweetener-laden sodas, so the VOSS Lime Mint Sparkling Water comes as a strategic new offering. The new sparkling water is made using all-natural ingredients, has an unsweetened recipe and has no calories, which makes it a premium option to enjoy in place of flat bottled water.

The VOSS Lime Mint Sparkling Water comes packaged in the brand's iconic tubular bottle and comes as a new flavor from the brand that will help satiate the burgeoning bottled water market. Recent surveys have revealed that a growing percentage of consumers aim to increase their water intake in a bid to shed excess weight, which also increases during the summer months.