The LG Levitating Wireless Speaker Hovers Above Its Base

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: cnet
Most speakers tend to focus on sounds rather than sights, but the LG Levitating Wireless Speaker is doing its best to please both of those senses for consumers. Also known as the PJ9 speakers, the speaker hovers above its base while it plays music, and it automatically goes to ground when its time for a charge.

The LG Levitating Wireless Speaker connects to music-playing devices such as smartphones or MP3 players via Bluetooth. LG estimates that the device can last for 10 hours of continuous playing on a charge. However, consumers need not worry about plugging it in when it runs low. The speaker device hovers above its 'Levitation Station,' and when the battery runs low it simply sinks back down and fills up through induction charging.