The Less (In This Case) is More V No.90 Photoshoot is Loving

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: vmagazine & fashioncopious.typepad
The V No. 90 Less (In This Case) is More editorial provides an intense, romantic look at models Amanda Murphy, Sean O'pry, Joan Smalls, Emily Di Donato, Matthew Terry, Clark Bockelman, Aurelien Muller and Bridget Malcolm. In each image, photographer Mario Testino made it appear as if the beauties were in relationships with one another despite their strictly professional interactions.

Stylist Sarajane Hoare remained respectful of the title of this production throughout the entire photoshoot. Less truly did prove to be more as the models sported little aside from three or four items of clothing in every image, revealing their bodies to readers of the magazine.

Make up expert James Pecis kept the cosmetics quite muted, allowing the figures of the group to speak for themselves. Aside from light eye shadow, little was perceptible.