Long-Term Light Exposure Photography Creates Designs From Lasers

 - Sep 12, 2013
References: lightecho.es & wired
Using long-term light exposure photography techniques, interactive designer Ben Tricklebank and data visualization artist Aaron Koblin collaborated to create these fascinating images from laser light photography. Using a RGB laser, they projected a series of beautiful color bands along the walls of a canyon to create these gigantic laser streams. Then, they photographed and filmed the light trails over a long period of time to create these massive graffiti paintings. Koblin set up an installation that would scan the changes of the laser over time when something passed through the beams.

Digital art has so much potential; using natural elements like light and sound is a new way to create and express feelings, thoughts and ideas. Instead of using tangible supplies like paints, pastels, pencils and ink, technology has provided us with new fascinating materials, and new ways to harness the intangible to invent and inspire.