Minimized Artworks Become Large-Scale Projects in Palms by Svetlana Kolosova

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: & odditycentral
Most painters spend their income on expensive canvasses to create large-scale projects for their craft. Artist Svetlana Kolosova is able to showcase her craft without the need of expensive tools. Kolosova replaces standard oil paints for watercolors and uses her left palm as her canvass. The paintings are inspired by the fairy tale stories she read to her children.

The whimsical-themed palm paintings have a simplistic style, yet captivating nature to them. Considering the creations are all on her left palm, Kolosova eventually washes away the intricate art pieces to create new works. Being that it probably took an immense amount time to create each work, it must be a difficult thing to wash away beautiful pieces of artwork without feeling a pang of guilt.