The Kurgo Wander Hammock Protects the Backseat from Almost Anything

 - Aug 27, 2013
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Having your furry friend in the car means having to deal with getting fur everywhere, which is where the Kurgo Wander Hammock can come in handy to effectively stop pet hair from going all over the upholstery. Designed to be stored in a trunk or carried where necessary, the Kurgo Wander Hammock unfolds and securely protects the backseat of a vehicle not only from pet damage, but also from dirty equipment or messy cargo.

Featuring slots in strategically placed spots, the Kurgo Wander Hammock allows seat belts to be accessed easily and for passengers to be able to sit comfortably. The Kurgo Wander Hammock is great for not only toting pets around, but also for making cleanup easier than ever.