Korea Gives Pink Parking Spaces to High Heeled Women

 - Aug 12, 2009
References: time
Seoul, the capital of South Korea, knows what women want. Currently, thousands of parking spaces in the city are being painted pink to accommodate women wearing high heels.

Acting much like handicapped spaces, these newly designated spots mean that women won’t have to hobble in pain across parking lots in their 4-inch stilettos to do lunch with the girls or shop ‘til they drop (the extra minute of foot-comfort may prove to be a deal-maker!).

So far almost 5,000 public and private spots have been painted with a new pink finish. The plan is for thousands more to be painted in the coming year, with heel-friendly paved streets as well.

Assistant Mayor Cho Eun Hee says the project is meant to decrease "the inconveniences, anxiety and discomfort that women in Seoul experience on a daily basis."

All is hunky-dory until someone abuses the system, though. I’m sure we’ll see some fake high-steppers and probably even a guy or two willing to take the masculinity hit. Maybe Seoul should start handing out high-heel place cards for rear-view mirrors!