Kiss Kiss Kiss for KMag Shows an Array of Lip-Locking Couples

The editorial Kiss Kiss Kiss for KMag is the sort of photo shoot that is so smokin' hot, it should come with a warning sign. Models Paulina W, Patrycja, Karolina K, Monika, Roksana, Maika Rzepinska, Pat, Kuba, Aleksander, Borys, Klaudia, Rafal, Kasia L, Karotka and Janek engage in some seriously steamy makeout sessions for photographers Remik Kozdra and Kasia Baczulis.

There are several different ways to kiss someone, and Kiss Kiss Kiss for KMag explores most of them, from demure, romantic pecks to aggressive, sapphic lip locks and a few kisses that are too hot for this photo gallery. Marianna Jurkiewicz, Dorota Kumosinska and Rafal Blonski collaborated on the hair and makeup for the editorial; Jaroslaw Wygoda was the photographers' assistant.