This Strange Japanese Festival Crowns the King of the Movers

Japan's 'Handsome Man Movers Festival' pits the men of different moving companies against one another in various competitions to crown the handsomest, most able-bodied man with the title of "King of the Movers."

Suumo, a well-known Japanese real estate website brought together eight moving companies to partake in outrageous events like refrigerator-carrying, moving mattresses, arm wrestling and finally, racing across the finish line with a lady in their arms. As much as this competition was gruelling and sweat-inducing, there were still plenty of smiles to be seen from competitors and onlookers.

This year, the man who took home the title of "King of the Movers" was Yuuhei Tsurii, representing the Sakai Moving Center. Although there can only be one winner, this is still a fun, albeit unusual way to promote these delivery services.