Kijek and Adamski Create the Bittersweet Video 'A Pirates Life' with Markers

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: kijekadamski.blogspot & booooooom
This poignant piece of animation was created by Kijek and Adamski. The melancholy video of melodic motion was made using a series of marker drawings. Set to the sweetly cathartic song 'A Pirate's Life' by We Cut Corners, the video captures the everyday struggle of keeping one's head above water. With so many tragedies, big and small, many struggle to gain perspective. It's hard not to be swept away by the misery that seems to accompany existence.

The song itself is about a bad breakup. Somber and truthful, the lyrics recall the misuse of a lover and the resignation to a transient life free of personal entanglements. Kijek and Adamski play with the old proverb that professes "no man is an island." Trying to disprove this statement, Kijek and Adamski have placed the heroes stationary in the midst of the ocean. They watch disaffectedly as aspects of life pass them by.

Astounding in its execution and deeply affecting in its expression, 'A Pirate's Life' is a sensational example of the emotional impact animation is capable of.