The Heinz Bloody Mary is Creatively Packaged in a Ketchup Bottle

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: bolimond & abduzeedo
Creative Constantin Bolimond put together a conceptual design for a premixed Bloody Mary cocktail that is served in a Heinz ketchup bottle. The drink contains a design rendered using 3D-printed software that transforms the sweet red condiment into the base of a popular tomato boozy beverage.

The drink redesigns the traditional Heinz ketchup bottle and remakes it into a version that can hold a premixed beverage. The bottle is therefore taller and wider with a more angular shape that adds dimension and sheen to the vial. The labelling is identical to vintage Heinz ketchup packaging with the same font, green detailing and white background -- except that the cocktail replaces the word "ketchup" in the text with "Bloody Mary." The drink contains the usual Bloody Mary fixings of tomato juice, spices and vodka infused with ketchup.