Kerstin zu Pan 'Twinpower' Editorial Will Cause You to See Double

Kerstin zu Pan's 'Twinpower' photograph series will satiate your addiction to fashion with a double dose of glam and chic. Pan's latest project boasts traits that includes identical models dressed to the nines in vivid frocks, gowns and slips gallivanting through stunning scenery and posed completely alike. To contrast the up-scale attire of the dynamic duo, the photo shoot took place in rustic and slightly run-down exterior environments.

All the dresses in the shoot donned by the duo were designed by Kat van Duinen and their vibrant blue, turquoise, yellow, orange and red colors contrast various hues present in each of the various shooting locations.

As for the variety of locations, the twins are seen behind an abandoned building, comfortably resting upon cannons that overlook the shoreline, underneath the shade of a tree and frolicking in a field.

These photographs are playful, yet fashionable.