Artist Keisuke Yamada Creates Yummy Artwork Made out of Bananas

 - Jul 25, 2013
References: tumblr & dailynewsdig
Creating art is difficult enough on its own, never mind when your canvas is a yummy potassium-packed snack; however artist Keisuke Yamada creates incredible sculptures made out of bananas.

The flesh of a banana is very delicate and starts to oxidize quickly once it is peeled. However, the temperamental banana flesh doesn’t deter Yamada. He creates amazing sculptures that have depth, and genuinely look like the subject he is trying to portray. He has made pieces to depict dragons and popular movie characters. Keisuke Yamada’s work goes to show that art can be created out of almost any material, and that with a natural talent, amazing sculptures can be made out of yummy snacks.