These Crayola Crayon Colors are Represented by Namesake Items

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: danielseunglee & flavorwire
As children, most used crayons to put thoughts and pictures down on paper; with these Crayola crayon color poster interpretations, the joy of the crayon can continue into adulthood.

One of the facets that set Crayola apart from other brands was its way of naming colors. Instead of picking standard names such as blue and red, Crayola was different by calling them Denim and Brick Red. These posters by photographer Daniel Seung Lee are a playful interpretation of the famous crayons.

Lee takes the color name and puts a literal spin on it by showing bananas for Banana Yellow and a flamingo for Pink Flamingo. Pairing these posters with the Crayola crayon colors is a mature flashback for those of us who used to love to color.