Uncanny Portraits of Celebrities on a Banana Skin

 - Jul 12, 2013
References: inventorspot
Portrait work is hard enough as it is, but these banana skin portraits are really something spectacular. Attempting to replicate intricate facial features on a large canvas is near impossible, never mind on the delicate skin of a banana.

Honey, an illustrator and graphic artist, is the mastermind behind these creations. The most incredible part of the banana skin portraits is the way she gets the color onto the skin. She uses a safety pin to prick tiny holes in the skin, and since she has made a hole, that section of the banana begins to oxidize and therefore starts to turn brown. The detail work in these portraits is incredible. She has done depictions of Jack Nicholson, Jim Morrison and the crew from A Clockwork Orange. These bananas now look too good to possibly eat.