From Layered Meat Desserts to Villainous Pepperoni Art

 - Jun 24, 2014
Suacy Italian frozen desserts, layered meat pies and booze-infused fast food creations are just some of these unconventional pizza recipes. The non-traditional food examples leave us in anticipation for our next greasy meal and are sure to put restrictive diet plans on hold.

These fun recipe examples are a bold twist on the indulgent, Italian food specialty that is a favorite among consumers of all ages.

From healthy brunch options and low-calorie vegan pies to extreme pepperoni and burger hybrids, these unconventional pizza recipes are sure to satisfy one’s craving for fast food.

The unique food concoctions inspire pizza lovers to try new things and encourage budding chefs to take some risks when baking up a pan of their favourite Italian snack.