'Just a Black Box' Doubles as Street Seats and Retail Kiosks

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: lockerdome & stealmag
Creative designers Tomaso Boano and JOnas prišmontas came up with this conceptual idea to build 'Just a Black Box,' which is actually a hybrid of street furniture and a kiosk. The idea was inspired by the desire to utilize the dwindling urban spaces.

Just a Back Box is essentially a large square that has been shaved into seating areas for the community to relax in. However, when the seats are not being used, the skin of the furniture can be lifted to reveal a store-like stand that can be used for commercial or public use.

The design makes use of by hydraulic columns that the seating area can easily be lifted to become a versatile space for a cozy cafe, a bike repair shop or a ticket booth. This unique concept provides a conventional and purposeful area in which to conduct daily activities from shopping to relaxing.