Cuckoo’s Juice Branding Identity is Smart, Subtle and Sweet

 - May 23, 2014
References: francescmoret & thedieline
Animals are not only a sure way to get a brand to be more personable and relatable to consumers, it’s also a way to portray healthy products without the preachy overkill like this awesome juice branding identity proves. 

Basing the whole identity and packaging around an illustrated bird, the Cuckoo juice branding identity is solely dependent on a funny looking farm bird who’s super picky and selective about the type of fruit it likes -- which is a really smart way of making an important point in a subtle and simple way, unlike other nutrition brands that rub it in. 

Designed by Francesc Moret, the identity uses the bird to pick all the right fruits for the juice, which are then identified by different colors when they’re packaged.